Working Group Goals: Given that this is the first
attempt to address the issue of network availability of vegetation data
our goals are extremely fundamental but critical at this stage:

  1. Assess the willingness of sites to participate in a Veg-DB system
    Given the complexity of these databases, participating in this system
    will require a significant contribution of science and information
    management staff.  We hope to gain a better sense of whether sites
    perceive the benefits of such a system as outweighing these costs. 
  2. Scope out the functionality of the system.  This
    would determine lowest level of acceptable function and logical
    benchmarks for development of the system.  We would determine the types
    of synthetic data that would be available.  For example, structural data
    such as biomass is likely easier to develop than production and
    mortality data; but is there value in just providing structural
    information?  Do both have to be approached simultaneously?