David R. Foster
John D. Aber

This seminal book, based on innovative research at Harvard Forest, describes the dramatic natural and human-induced changes in the land and environment of New England over the past 1,000 years.

Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2005 by Choice Magazine


“An important and timely addition to a growing literature that documents change and, by implication, underlines our responsibilities to that thing out there that we call ‘nature.'” —- Michael Williams, Science

“A must-read for anyone interested in the study of historical forest ecology and anthropogenic impacts on ecosystem dynamics.” -— Marc D. Abrams, BioScience

“With excellent writing and editing, this book synthesizes nearly 100 years of ecological research conducted at Harvard Forest. Much more than a description of research, it provides a framework for ecological studies that is based on an understanding of historical influences on forest structure, composition, and function… It is one of a few select works that documents how the history of land use, climate, physiography and ecology interact to shape the contemporary landscape. It should therefore be on every forest ecologist’s bookshelf. Highly recommended.” — Choice

“David Foster and John Aber have produced a marvelous overview of ecological change in New England. Forests in Time represents the cutting edge of efforts to create a truly historical approach to ecological science and should be read by anyone who cares about the past, present, and future of terrestrial ecosystems.” — William Cronon, author of Nature’s Metropolis and Changes in the Land

“This volume provides a wonderful synthesis of how the New England landscape has responded to one thousand years of ecological change. It delivers compelling evidence of why historical studies are so relevant to our understanding of challenges as diverse as invasive exotic pests and pathogens, nitrogen dynamics, and climate change.” — Norman Christensen, Duke University

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Publication Date: 2006-03

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