Kris M. Havstad
Laura F. Huenneke
William H. Schlesinger

The Jornada Basin LTER is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest in North America. This region of south central New Mexico has a history of nearly 100 years as the basis for scientific research.

This work gives a thorough, encompassing review of the tremendous array of observations resulting from experiments conducted in this ecosystem.

Beginning with thorough descriptions of the most salient features of the region, the book then reviews a wide range of archived and active data sets on a diversity of biotic and abiotic features. It next presents a syntheses of important topics including livestock grazing and remediation efforts.

A concluding chapter provides a synthesis of the principles that have emerged from this body of work, and how these relate to the broader fields of ecology and natural resource management.

It concludes with recommendations for future research directions. The insightful views expressed in this volume should guide management of arid landscapes globally. This is the sixth volume in the Long Term Ecological Network Series.


“The text is clearly written … will be welcome by desert researchers and by anyone responsible for managing rangelands in arid ecosystems.” — Quarterly Review of Biology

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Number of illustrations: 98
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Publication Date: 2005-12

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