Vistas of place-based research in Scotland’s Cairngorms

Jen Holzer takes us to Scotland’s Cairngorms LTSER for this SSALTER, where she explores the merits of place based research.

Kelp forest boot camp

Joey Peters describes the trials and rewards of a long summer sampling at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER site.

Short term trends in long term research?

Alexandra Linz describes how short term sampling can add to long-term research goals at the North Temperate Lakes LTER.

Plants and Nitrogen – a love & hate relationship

SSALTER is off to Scotland once again, where Melanie Bautista highlights nitrogen experiments at an international LTER site.

In the realm of blueberries and moss… radiometry measurements at Kindla Integrated Monitoring site, Sweden

For this SSALTER, Jan Holzer explains the BRACE project, a European long-term research project that uses remote sensing.

Fruška gora LTER site from the perspective of hoverflies, treeclimbers and satellites

By Dušanka Krašić If it wasn’t for this geological bump (the highest peak 549m), the northern part of Serbia would remain devoid of many ecosystem services, much of its biodiversity, life forms, oxygen, historical values and research opportunities. In simple terms, it would be quite boring area. Fruška gora is the first Serbian National park, founded… Read more »

(Don’t) judge an aquifer by its covering

Laura Busato pens this SSALTER blog post about aquifer research in the German Lowlands at an international LTER site.

The Small Island of Braila

By Jen Holzer, Technion Socio-Ecological Research Group After three days in and around Tulcea, we journeyed by car to the City of Braila, a city of about 200,000, famous as a node for the textile, shipbuilding, and shipping trades, and a surprisingly underdeveloped tourism industry. When our hosts told us this was not a travel… Read more »

There’s Nothing Trivial about the Danube Delta

  By: Jen Holzer, Technion Socio-Ecological Research Group Romania Trivia Which nations border Romania? The Danube River empties into which sea? In what year did Romania become part of the European Union? Name a Romania-born Nobel Laureate. This Romanian building is known as the largest building in Europe. Answers: Bulgaria, Servia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova Black Sea… Read more »

Life in the Clean Van

Take a cruise out to sea with Maitreyi Nagarkar to sample isotopes at the California Current Ecosystems LTER Site.