Timothy Hidalgo-Vega and Vanessa Castellaños from the Felix Varela Senior High School Global Studies MAGNET testing equipment before collecting data under the watchful eye of Research Experience for Teacher fellow, Ms. Catherine LarocheIn January of 2020, the LTER Executive Board voted to change the status of the LTER Diversity Committee to make it a representative committee, with a named individual designated to participate from each site. Other members are welcomed to participate on an ad hoc basis. The first meeting of the renewed committee is being scheduled for March 2020.

Watch this space — as well as the LTER Network News — for new initiatives emerging from this committee. 

Committee Function:

Engagement, integration and retention of a diverse community of students, scientists, and educators within LTER. Provide concrete and deliberate actions and resources at individual sites and at the Network to foster diversity and inclusion.

Activities 2016-2019:

  • Organized session at LTER ASM to share resources, best practices, challenges and opportunities.
  • Supported sites in considering development of Diversity Plans.
  • Argued, successfully, for the establishment of a standing Diversity Committee for LTER.
  • Conducted a network wide student survey, produced a report and presented it at the LTER Science Council.
  • Provide LNCO support in their efforts to survey participants in LTER Synthesis Working Groups.