As of 2017, NISAC is not an active committee. This description is maintained for historical reasons.

The Network Information System Advisory Committee (NISAC) is a Targeted Standing Committee as established by vote of the Coordinating Committee (CC) at Kellogg in May 2003. NISAC is responsible for planning, promoting, and evaluating Network Information System (NIS) activities. NISAC was established to support development of the NIS for facilitating collaborative and synthetic research efforts and improving the quality of resultant synthetic products and databases.

The committee consists of site PIs, Information Managers, and Network Office personnel to improve coordination of information management and system development with cross-site synthesis work. Subsequently, NISAC has written a strategic plan for the NIS including a mission statement, goals, and strategies that was approved in September 2005 at the VCR CC meeting. Simply stated, the NIS goals are to

  1. Increase data quality through standard approaches
  2. Increase data available for synthetic activities
  3. Increase knowledge discovery through synthesis

NISAC periodically reviews and evaluates the success of planned strategies to accomplish these goals, and helps identify and prioritize critical tasks for NIS development.

In 2014, the membership of the NISAC was as follows:

Chairs: Paul Hanson, John Porter, Jason Downing

Members: Sven Bohm, Paul Bolstad, James Brunt, Peter Doran, Aaron Ellison, Gastil Buhl, Linda Powell, Suzanne Remillard, Mark Servilla, Christina Takacs-Vesbach, Robert Waide