A full slate for the Summer 2019 Databits! Site Bytes makes a triumphant return after a long absence. There is also plenty of information on new initiatives, including upgrades to PASTA, Best Practices for using Zotero to manage bibliographic data, development of a core metabase for metadata management, a chance to catch up on a former colleague, some reports and article reviews and finally, an extended primer on semantic annotation. Enjoy!

– John Porter & Sven Bohm, editors


Site Bytes 1
LTER Core Metabase 7
Best Practices for Zotero 10
ILTER Information Management Workshop 11
Where are they now? 12
Ten Days in the Life of the Code Generation Web Service 15
Good Reads: “Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage” 15
Semantic Annotations in EML 2.2 17
A Brief Tour of the EDI Dashboard 23