Publications and Products Instructions

We are asking sites to provide a BibTex file of publications and products that could not have been produced without LTER support. Sites maintain records of their publications in different systems (Zotero, DEIMS, EndNote, custom databases), but everyone should be able to export a BibTex file. The Network Office will combine all the files from sites… Read more »

2019 Summer LTER DataBits

A full slate for the Summer 2019 Databits! Site Bytes makes a triumphant return after a long absence. There is also plenty of information on new initiatives, including upgrades to PASTA, Best Practices for using Zotero to manage bibliographic data, development of a core metabase for metadata management, a chance to catch up on a… Read more »

2018 Spring LTER Databits

The spring issue of the newly-revived DataBits is out, thanks to a reinvigorated editorial team. The full issue is available as a pdf and individual stories will also make their way onto the Network website over the next few weeks. Table of Contents Spring 2018 DataBits Featured Articles The International Long-Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Global… Read more »

Information Management System Guidelines 2018 revision

The attached LTER information management system guidelines were updated in the fall of 2017 and approved at the December 2017 Executive Board Meeting. They reflect the current state of LTER information management and the establishment of the Environmental Data Initiative.

2014 LTER IMC Annual Meeting Report

The 2014 LTER IMC Annual Meeting was held in Copper Mountain, CO this year (July 8th ­ July 11th), in conjunction with the Federation of Earth Science and Information Partners (ESIP) summer meeting. The LTER IMC held a one day meeting on this year (July 8th) with the rest of the week open to participation in ESIP meeting activities. The LTER was well represented in the broader ESIP meeting the rest of the week, with multiple sessions led by LTER IM members covering topics both LTER­ specific and broader.

2013 LTER IMC Annual Meeting Report

The annual LTER Information Managers Meeting was held July 24-25, 2013 in Fairbanks, Alaska at the University of Fairbanks, Alaska. In attendance at the meeting were representatives from 24 sites, and 3 representatives from the network office (LNO). In addition to a full 1.5-day schedule for the IMC, included in the agenda were two fields trips, an optional (23rd) tour of the Alaska Satellite Facility and an afternoon field trip (25th) to the Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility.