2007 Eco-Informatics Summer Institute Students
2007 Eco-Informatics Summer Institute Students

Ecological science in the LTER Network  is a data-intensive effort covering vast temporal and spatial scales and drawing on data  from ground-based sampling,  sensor networks, and imagery from satellite and airborne platforms to answer questions from a community of researchers, policy-makers, and educators. The practice of Informatics is critical to:

  1. Managing these data for analysis
  2. Curating these data for accuracy and accessibility
  3. Archiving these data for interpretation and use by future scientists

Information scientists in the LTER Network are actively involved in research and education directed at the application of information technology specifically to ecological information systems. Areas of active research include:

  • Metadata Standards
  • Metadata-driven Data Systems
  • Informatics Workforce Training
  • Managing Data from Sensor Networks
  • Data Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Biodiversity Collection Databases
  • Scientific Software Development

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