All Scientists Meetings include workshops, lectures, poster sessions, and lots of opportunities for discussion and creative expression.
Credit: Kristen Weiss CC BY-SA 4.0

Since their inception in the 1980s, the triennial LTER All Scientists Meeting (ASM) has helped connect, inspire, and strengthen the LTER network. With 28 sites and all LTER roles meeting together in formal and informal sessions, the ASMs generate new projects, friendships, and scientific collaborations that often last for decades.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions the planned 2021 All Scientists Meeting has been postponed until 2022. Follow the website meeting page or the LTERHub topic for updates.


The first LTER All Scientists Meeting (ASM) was held at the Cedar Creek LTER site in 1985. This initial meeting was a team building effort to encourage integration among the LTER sites existing at that time. Subsequently, ASMs were held in the following years and places: