Emily Brooke, research technician on the project, sampling at the fertilization gradient experiment at ARC.


Haley Dunleavy sampling ectomycorrhizal shrubs at the Arctic LTER.


Life aboard the R/V Revelle between the science. Upper left: The zooplankton team staying competitive over Catan. Upper Right: Sunset over the CCE. Lower Left: Sunset saxophone serenade and reflection. Lower right: Decorating the traditional Styrofoam cups, which are sent down on the CTD to return shrunken.


Zooplankton and Associated Sampling. Upper: Bongo Net tow entering the surface of the ocean Lower: Palm full of the pyrosome colonies of Pyrosoma atlanticum above a tray of organisms being imaged and counted. Right: Zooplankton images from the Deep Plankton imager including ctenophores, siphonophore, salp, doliolid, euphausiid, calanoid copepod, and protist.


Illustrations of the CTD, IFCB and various phytoplankton taxa. Lower Right: Recovery of a McLane Pump, which filters for particles and DNA. Right: Scientists preparing the Deep Plankton Imager for a deployment.