The Extreme Drought in Grassland Ecosystems (EDGE) experiment is replicated at 6 sites in NM, CO, WY, and KS. It is one among many ecosystem manipulations that will be incorporated into the synthesis study.

Emilia Grzesik BNZ LTER

Emilia and her field tech, Elliot, in the field sampling black spruce forest fuel loads at Bonanza Creek LTER in Alaska.

Holiday Farm Fire 2020

View of the Holiday Fire burning through H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

BNZ field notes _ by Michelle Mack

Terry Chapin’s hand drawn map of the 1988 field sites. Sampling these sites this year became much faster with the aid of GPS coordinates and digital maps.

Mel Boyd at BNZ_photo by Xanthe Walker

Mel Boyd measures the remnants of burned shrubs along a transect line across the Shovel Creek fire scar near Fairbanks, Alaska.


Clockwise from top: Sam Kelsey collecting marsh porewater, October 2020; Sam Kelsey traveling to field sites, October 2020; Inke Forbrich at eddy covariance tower in short Spartina alterniflora marsh, September 2020.