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To promote analysis and synthesis of LTER data, the NCO requests proposals for Synthesis Working Groups, with research to begin before May 2017. Funding is available for 2-4 projects of up to 2 years in duration. The Project Selection Committee is most interested in proposals anticipated to return high impact results in the five core LTER thematic areas (primary production, population studies, organic matter dynamics, mineral cycling, disturbance patterns and processes) as well as the urban LTER themes of land use change and human-environment interactions, but proposals in other areas will also be considered. Principal investigators are strongly encouraged to contact the NCO ( to briefly discuss ideas before submitting proposals.

The NCO is operated out of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at UC Santa Barbara. The Center provides excellent meeting facilities, comprehensive in-house computing capabilities, and consultation and training for visiting scientists on computation, informatics, and in-person and virtual collaboration skills.

See the full RFP for overview, guidelines and proposal preparation instructions. Deadline for proposal submission is October 5, 2016. For answers to questions not addressed in the RFP, please email or call (805) 893-2500.