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Welcome to a new issue of DATABITS! This issue has a good balance of technical and non-technical features. There are reports on the use of interactive data access and data management policies within the LTER network. There are also plenty of hints on how to better use the computers at your site, including software reviews and technical hints. Finally, there are articles on conducting GPS campaigns and some solutions to common problems in scientific information management. There have also been some superficial format changes to DATABITS. Its now created using Framemaker software on a Sun Workstation. As always, DATABITS depends on you for contributions. Thanks!

Table of Contents

Site Flashes
-CDRAbderrahman Elhaddi1
-CWTGil Calabria2
-JRNLolita Krievs2
-LUQEda Melendez2
-NWTRick Ingersoll2
-PALKaren Baker3
-SEVJames Brunt3
-VCRJohn Porter3
Interactive Data AccessBarbara Benson3
LTER Information System – Simplified Access and New CapabilitiesRudolph Nottrott5
H.J. Andrews GPS CampaignDon Henshaw6
Challenges in Data ManagementEda Melendez6
Data Access Policies —A Preliminary ReportJohn Porter7
LTER Guidelines for Site Data Management Policies8
EUDORA – Mail for the Mac!Carl Bowser9
Using a Site-wide Email CalendarJohn Porter9
Software tips from AntarcticaKaren Baker10
Publication Information10