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Welcome to the Spring 2007 issue of Databits! Twenty-two authors or coauthors submitted articles for this issue, which is a testament to the committment of Information Managers to sharing information. The articles represent the diversity of interests within the LTER IM community and highlight a number of current topics. Most notably, there is a discussion about proposed changes in the organizational structure of the IM committee that would better integrate the GIS working group and the Technology Committee. Additionally in this issue, several articles focus on Ecological Metadata Language, describing recent developments and applications. Lastly, a number of LTER sites will be having their NSF midterm reviews in the coming months. The Baltimore Ecosystem Study was one of the first sites to be reviewed so Jonathan Walsh provided a list of some things to think about as sites prepare for these visits. We hope you find this issue of Databits informative and helpful and we thank all those who contributed articles. Enjoy!

DataBits continues as a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is designed to provide a timely, online resource for research information managers and to incorporate rotating co-editorship. Availability is through web browsing as well as hardcopy output. LTER mail list IMplus will receive DataBits publication notification. Others may subscribe by sending email to with two lines “subscribe databits” and “end” as the message body. To communicate suggestions, articles, and/or interest in co-editing, send email to

—– Co-editors: John Campbell (HBR), Sabine Grabner (MCR)

Table of Contents

Feature Articles
About this Issue2
Providing Access and Security to Web Forms using CAPTCHAJohn Porter2
Practical Distributed Computing Approach for Web Enabling Processor-intensive ProgramsWade Sheldon3
Updating Arctic (ARC) LTER’s Metadata FormJim Laundre6
A Query Interface for EML dataTablesMargaret O’Brien and Chad Burt8
Database Storage Model Considerations: XML and Relational Database ApproachesJames Conners11
Information Infrastructure: Transitioning Directory ServicesKaren Baker, Jerry Wanetik, Nate Huffnagle, Mason Kortz12
Generating EML from a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)Zhiqiang Yang and Don Henshaw14
Down the LTER Data Catalog Rabbit HoleMark Servilla19
A Web Developer’s View of the Research World and the Entertainment IndustryShaun Haber24
Preparing for your LTER Midterm reviewJonathan Walsh25
News Bits
Information Management Committee: GIS, Technology, and Changing Organizational StructuresNicole Kaplan, Corinna Gries, Karen Baker, Don Henshaw, Theresa Valentine, John Vande Castle27
Strategic Mentoring for LTER IMsSusan Stafford29
LTER Site GIS Survey ResultsBarbara Nolen30
On-going research collaborationFlorence Millerand32
Good Reads
Computer Systems Development: History, Organization, and ImplementationKaren Baker33
Information Ecology: Open System Environment for Data, Memories, and KnowingSabine Grabner34
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the rationale for publishing DataBits twice a year?Karen Baker and John Campbell35