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Feature Articles
The FCE LTER Website has a NEW look!Linda Powell1
Developing a Searchable Document and Imagery Archive for the GCE-LTER Web SiteWade Sheldon5
Improving the Basic Keyword Search for Datasets by Employing Text Mining Techniques and IndexingHung V. Nguyen, Corinna Gries, Hasan Davulcu9
Developing and Using API’s in System DesignJames Connors, Mason Cortz12
FinLTSER Network: New addition to the global LTER networkHelena Karasti14
Using Xen and VMWare to Manage Virtual Machines: A New User’s SagaJohn H. Porter18
Making Sense of Collaboration SoftwareJames W Brunt20
Big Science and Local MeetingsKaren Baker, Sabine Grabner23
Preservation Metadata: Another Chapter in the Metadata StoryLynn Yarmey25
Data Quality: Yet Another Chapter in the Metadata StoryLynn Yarmey27
Good Tools and Programs
Specifik, a Taxonomic Reference Tool to Support Synthesis of Vegetation DataKen Ramsey, Nicole Kaplan29
Using Keyhole Markup Language for Geographical Data BrowsersJohn H. Porter31
EML 2.1.0 to be Released SoonMargaret O’Brien, Matthew Jones34
A closer look at the NBII metadata clearinghouseInigo San Gil, Giri Palanisamy37
LTER Data Catalog Upgrades to Metacat 1.8.0Duane Costa, Mark Servilla42
Good Reads
Advancing ecological research with ontologiesMargaret O’Brien46
Cyberinfastructure PrimerKaren Baker47
Digital Data Practices and the Long Term Ecological Research ProgramInigo San Gil48
News Bits
USFS Experimental Forest and Range Information Manager MeetingDon Henshaw, Dave Rugg49
Calendar of Upcoming Informatics Conferences and Workshops51