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The depth and breath of thought in the LTER IM community is once again made apparent in this latest issue of Databits. Within, you will find a discussion of the software tools being used in the cyberinfrastructure development effort by the LTER Network Office. Lynn Yarmey provides a description of the Panton Principles for open data. Two articles discuss the ideas behind, and the challenges in implementing, Drupal-based websites. Philip Tarrant shares his initial thoughts as a new LTER IM. There are reports and updates on conferences and working groups. Margaret O’Brien explains the use EML in site data catalogs. Eda Melendez-Colom reflects on the role information managers play in education outreach. Don Henshaw shares his thoughts on a recent paper on data management models. And finally there is a list of upcoming conferences and events of interest to this community.

Table of Contents

Featured Articles
1Openness and Transparency in Development of the LTER Network Information SystemMark Servilla and Duane Costa1
An Introduction to the Panton Principles for Open Data ScienceLynn Yarmey2
Using EML in Your Local Data CatalogMargaret O’Brien3
Drupal developments in the LTER NetworkCorinna Gries, Inigo San Gil, Kristin Vanderbilt, Hap Garrit4
SIO Ocean Informatics Update: Growing Infrastructure in Support of Scientific ResearchKaren Baker and Jerry Wanetick6
LTER site Information Managers balance site and network demandsDon Henshaw and Margaret O’Brien8
First ImpressionsPhilip Tarrant9
Developing a Drupal “website-IMS” for Luquillo LTER while learning DrupalEda Melendez-Colom9
LUQ LTER Information Management Education Exchange, Communication & Collaboration with Scientists and other Community MembersEda Melendez-Colom11
News Bits
A Controlled Vocabulary for LTER DatasetsJohn Porter13
UAF Researchers Propose a Climate Data Center for the ArcticJason Downing14
An update on LTERMapSAdam Skibbe, Jonathan Walsh, Theresa Valentine, Jamie Hollingsworth, John Carpenter, John Vande Castle, Marshall White14
Information Manager Extraordinary Teleconferencing: An ET MomentKaren Baker15
Good Reads
Webs of users and developers in the development process of a technical standardDon Henshaw16