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It’s a busy time for LTER information managers, as the 21 articles from 27 authors in this Spring 2013 issue of Databits can attest. We have an astounding number of workshop reports and announcements and network working group project updates this time, running from information management systems to sensor networks to GIS to NIS components. We also have a wide range of commentaries, good reads and tools, and articles from guest contributors to keep you glued to your screen, reading long past your bedtime. Enjoy!

DataBits continues as a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is designed to provide a timely, online resource for research information managers and is supported by rotating co-editors.

Aaron Stephenson (NTL) and Hope Humphries (NWT), Spring 2013 Co-Editors

Table of Contents

Featured Articles
A New Way to Use PASTA for Synthesis: Results from the Second VEG-DB WorkshopEmery Boose, Fox Peterson, Suzanne Remillard, Don Henshaw, Mark Harmon1
Coweeta LTER Upgrades Sensor Stations by Implementing the GCE Data Toolbox for Matlab to Stream DataRichard Cary, John F. Chamblee2
Integrity Checks for Large Scale DatabasesKali Abel4
Data Package Inventory Tracking: Slicing and Dicing with SQLM. Gastil-Buhl, Margaret O’Brien5
Metabase Adoption by SBC and MCRMargaret O’Brien, M. Gastil-Buhl6
The New Drupal Ecological Information Management SystemInigo San Gil7
My Experiences as a Participant in the Sensor Training WorkshopFox Peterson8
I Was Told There Would Be CakeKali Abel9
News Bits
GCE and CWT Host Successful Workshop to Demonstrate, Improve, and Promote the Adoption of the GCE Data Toolbox for MatlabJohn Chamblee, Wade Sheldon, Richard Cary10
Sensor Networks Training Conducted at LNODon Henshaw, Corinna Gries11
Integrating Open Source Data Turbine with the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLABCorinna Gries, Wade Sheldon, Tony Fountain, Chad Sebranek, Matt Miller, Sameer Tilak12
Vista Data Vision Software Training WorkshopJason Downing12
GeoNIS Project UpdateAdam Skibbe, Theresa Valentine, Aaron Stephenson, Jamie Hollingsworth, Ron Beloin13
Coming Soon: LTER Landsat CatalogTheresa Valentine13
LTER Controlled Vocabulary Workshop PlannedJohn Porter14
The IMC meets the PASTA challengeJohn Chamblee, Margaret O’Brien15
LTER Data to be Part of Web of KnowledgeJames Brunt, Margaret O’Brien15
Good Tools and Programs
New DataONE Tools Help with Information Management TasksJohn Porter16
Using Python for Web Services and GIS AnalysisJohn Porter16
Good Reads
Big Data and the Future of EcologyHope Humphries17
Emerging Computer Security IssuesAaron Stephenson18