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This Databits features a host of technical tips (using the LTERNET rn system and e-mail made easy) and software reviews (communications software and UNIX database software) along with our usual news from the sites. There are also articles on proprietary issues in using satellite data and a new natural resources database. The report on the 1991 Data Managers’ Workshop in San Antonio is still in preparation and will be reported on in a future issue.

Table of Contents

LTERnet Read News (RN) Quick-Start GuideRudolph Nottrott1
GIS Corner
Satellite Data LicensesJohn Vande Castle2
GIS Data SourceJohn Vande Castle2
From the Sites
NTLBarbara Benson3
NETRudolph Nottrott and John Vande Castle3
PALKaren Baker3
Not a One-stop Data Shop…Don Henshaw3
PC Shop Talk
MSDOS 5.0John Vande Castle4
CUTCP: Communications SharewareRick Ingersoll4
Managing CONFIG.SYSJohn Porter4
Question and Answer4
Research National Area DatabaseLisa Carlson5
Painless Electronic Mail for MSDOS UsersA.A. Elhaddi6
Sun Database Survey6