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A full slate for the Summer 2019 Databits! Site Bytes makes a triumphant return after a long absence. There is also plenty of information on new initiatives, including upgrades to PASTA, Best Practices for using Zotero to manage bibliographic data, development of a core metabase for metadata management, a chance to catch up on a former colleague, some reports and article reviews and finally, an extended primer on semantic annotation. Enjoy! – John Porter & Sven Bohm, editors

Table of Contents

Side Bytes
Kellogg Biological StationSven Bohm1
Florida Coastal EvergladesKristin Vanderbilt1
Central Arizona-PhoenixStevan Earl2
Niwot RidgeSarah Elmendorf2
Beaufort Lagoon EcosystemsTim Whiteaker2
Konza PrairieYang Xia3
Bonanza CreekJason Downing4
Andrews ForestAdam Kennedy4
Bonanza CreekJason Downing4
Northern Gulf of AlaskaChris Turner4
Plum Island EcosystemsHap Garritt5
Northeast U.S. ShelfStace Beaulieu5
Santa Barbara CoastalLi Kui6
Moorea Coral ReefM. Gastil-Buhl6
Virginia Coast ReserveJohn Porter7
LTER Core MetabaseM. Gastil-Buhl, Margaret O’Brien, Tim Whiteaker, Li Kui7
-Migration-based Approach8
-Next Steps9
Best Practices for ZoteroTim Whiteaker10
ILTER Information Management WorkshopJohn Porter11
Where are they now?Don Henshaw12
10 Days in the Life of the Code Generation Web ServiceJohn Porter15
Good Reads: “Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage”John Porter15
Semantic Annotations in EML 2.2Margaret O’Brien, Steven Chong, Mark Schildhauer17
-Semantic Triples17
-Semantic Annotations in EML 2.2.018
-Annotation element Structure18
-Example 1 – resource level (top level)19
-Example 2 – Attribute-level annotations20
-RDF Graphs21
A Brief Tour of the EDI DashboardMark Servilla, Duane Costa, James Brunt23
-Health at a Glance23
-User Management30