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As part of the LTER ASM this fall, an evening storytelling session called Seeds of Change will feature 4-5 speakers from different roles, identities, and career stages at LTER sites, telling their personal experiences of change – or attempted change – in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice at LTER sites.

These stories should be personal and center the storyteller’s own experiences – think of the Moth Radio Hour. We recognize the courage it takes to tell these stories, and we also the celebrate power of stories to create an entry point for continued conversation – both during the ASM and once we all return to our home institutions – about how this vital work is progressing at our sites, and the roles we can all play in building a more diverse and just world.

Do you have a story to share?

We welcome ideas from potential storytellers willing to get up on stage and share a 10-minute story about their personal experience of diversity + inclusion at an LTER site. Was it a single moment, or a series of moments? Were you alone or with others? How did it feel? What gave you comfort, or courage? What made you mad, or afraid? What surprised you? What made you laugh? Did you learn something about yourself? About others? What’s next? 

This session was created by the LTER Diversity & Inclusion Committee and will be organized by Meagan Oldfather (NWT) and Clarisse Hart (HFR), who will work with storytellers this summer to explore and hone their narratives if that level of support is desired. To be considered, please email Meagan ( and Clarisse ( by July 22 with your story idea (~1 paragraph). Unfortunately we are not able to provide additional funding for storytellers to attend the ASM, so submissions should come from folks who have already secured funding from their site or another source.

Thank you in advance for considering it!

Meagan, Clarisse, and the LTER DEI Committee