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Science workshops teach complicated concepts to a wide audience—and nailing the balance between highly technical science, accessible information, and inclusive participation can be tricky. In this workshop, Dr. Carrie Kappel covers strategies that  help workshops be more accessible to all, with an eye towards better LTER All Scientists Meeting Workshops. Open to all!

July 27, 9:00 am PT/12 pm ET

Carrie Kappel will lead a workshop covering the following topics:

  • Design principles
  • Diverse and engaging formats for sharing information
  • Simple ways to increase participation and engagement
  • Techniques for facilitating group decision making

Carrie’s Bio: In her role as a team science facilitator, Carrie Kappel helps NCEAS working groups to design and facilitate engaging virtual and in person meetings that strengthen connections across the team, foster creativity and productivity, and model best practices for collaboration.

Carrie is deeply interested in the process of working across disciplines and sectors to solve complex environmental challenges. In her research she uses collaborative synthesis science to develop solutions that protect marine ecosystems and enhance human wellbeing. Carrie recently led the Ocean Tipping Points project, which sought to integrate scientific understanding of ecosystem tipping points into ocean management through practical tools and approaches.

Carrie has been part of NCEAS since 2006, first as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a researcher and Senior Fellow. Carrie earned her B.S. in biology with honors from Brown University and her Ph.D. in biology from Stanford University.