Soil carbon — which constitutes nearly 80% of the terrestrial carbon stock — is getting a lot of attention at the 2019 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Ecological process ranging from microbial metabolism to homeowner landscape decisions impact the size and stability of the soil carbon pool — which in turn affects release of carbon dioxide and the rate of climate change. The LTER soil organic matter synthesis group will be presenting insights from a set of experiments spanning the past 60 years and a data harmonization tool for aligning soil organic matter data from a wide variety of sources. This year’s roundup of talks also includes a focus on catchment science.  Many LTER sites have developed and maintain massive catchment-scale experiments to test the ecosystem-level effects of changes in chemical deposition, precipitation, and forest management regimes. Their findings and techniques inform ecosystem science at multiple locations, especially including science of the critical zone. Don’t see your talk listed? Use this form to tell us about it so we can share it with your colleagues. And next year, remember to include LTER in your title, abstract, or profile!

2019 AGU Presentations and Posters

1LUQCatchment science in the montane tropics: Luquillo CZO and LTERPoster12.09.19 08:00 AMMoscone South - Poster Hall
2NWTThe Niwot Ridge Long Term Ecological Research Site: Over 30 years of alpine observationsPoster12.09.19 08:00 AMMoscone South - Poster Hall
3ARCCatchment Research in the Arctic Long-Term Ecological Research program: North Slope, Alaska, USAPoster12.09.19 01:40 PMMoscone South - Poster Hall
4CWTThe Coweeta Long-Term Ecological Research Program at the Coweeta Hydrologic LaboratoryPoster12.09.19 08:00 AMMoscone South - Poster Hall
6NESLinking Pelagic Community Structure with Ecosystem Dynamics and Production Regimes on the Changing Northeast U.S. ShelfPoster12.11.19 01:40 PMMoscone South - Poster Hall
7LTERGreater than the sum of the parts: collaboration in and beyond the U.S. LTER NetworkOral Presentation12.12.19 10:35 AMMoscone West - 3016, L3
8Soil Synthesis Working Group Introducing SOils DAta Harmonization tools (SoDaH)Poster12.10.19 08:00 AMMoscone South - Poster Hall
9PES Addressing the “Why”: Strategic Science Communication in Research and PracticeOral Presentation12.09.19 01:55 PMMoscone South - 216, L2
11KBSWhole-profile soil carbon change after 25 years along an agricultural management gradient.Poster12.10.19 08:00 AMMoscone South - Poster Hall
12KBSSeasonal and event-based concentration discharge relationships from contrasting Arctic headwater catchmentsPoster12.12.19 01:40 PMMoscone South - Poster Hall