Fungal friendships

By culturing fungi living within salt marsh plants, Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Kylea Garces and PhD student Mya Darsan can learn not only what fungi are present, but how they benefit their plant hosts.

LTER at ESA, 2023

Dozens of talks, posters, short courses, and special sessions at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting highlight LTER research.

Pika enthusiasts unite under a common theme

At the Niwot Ridge LTER, community scientists expand the reach of pika research initiatives to understand how pikas might respond to climate change.

Thawing Out Coastal Arctic Food Webs with Long-Term Biochemical Data

In Arctic lagoons, life persists through cold and dark winters, but few people are able to study and understand the bizarre life under sea ice. With chemical biomarkers and insight from local communities, food web ecologists are beginning to uncover how these organisms thrive in the harsh winter, and how they will continue to survive in the ever changing Arctic climate.