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The year 2020 is the 40th anniversary of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network and we were looking forward to grand celebration at the Ecological Society of America’s 2020 Meeting. While we cannot share our enthusiasm in person this year, meeting participants will find a cornucopia of pre-recorded talks, online posters and live-online discussions.

Two symposia anchor LTER’s contribution to the meeting. On Wednesday at 3 pm Eastern, the live discussion  for LTER at 40: Insights and Opportunities will highlight four talks drawing on four key themes from the Network’s decadal self-study: resilience, connectivity, biodiversity-productivity, and evolution.

At noon on Thursday, another live discussion—for the symposium The Role of Networks in the Ecological Data Revolutionbrings together LTER, NEON, GLEON, and LTAR networks to explore opportunities and challenges of cross-network science.

As befits the  2020 theme (Harnessing the Ecological Data Revolution) and the key role that LTER information managers have played in the ecological data revolution, many events focus on why and how to find, organize, and synthesize existing data. For a deep dive into data resources and methods, stop by the Data Help Desk, which is organized by a coalition of environmental data organizations and will be hosting live sessions at 12:30 pm EDT on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For an inspiring take on what can be accomplished by synthesizing existing data, be sure to watch talks from two of the LTER Network’s recent synthesis groups and the related live Q&A, Reusing Ecological Data to Answer New Questions – Persistent Problems and Promising Progress, on Wednesday at 12:30 pm EDT.

While most talks and posters are pre-recorded and will be available to meeting registrants over the coming year, the live discussions assume that participants have watched the associated talks. For that reason, we have listed live sessions and the associated LTER talks first, in the order that the live sessions occur. Further down the page, you’ll find the list of prerecorded talks and posters authored by LTER investigators.

If your talk is missing, please submit the title and link though this form and we’ll add it…and next year, be sure to include LTER or Long Term Ecological Research in the title, abstract or bio.

Live sessions organized by LTER or EDI

Monday, August 3

1 pm EDT Live Q&A for Harnessing Experimental Forest and Range Data to Fuel Innovation and Support Resource Managers in the 21st Century

Related talks by LTER investigators (pre-recorded):

Tuesday, August 4

3 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Special Session 20, Working with LTER Data

Related LTER/EDI talks (pre-recorded):

Wednesday, August 5

12:30 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Inspire Session 18, Reusing Ecological Data to Answer New Questions – Persistent Problems and Promising Progress

Related LTER/EDI Inspire talks (pre-recorded):

1-2 pm EDT. Live Q&A for OOS 43, Biodiversity in Agroecosystems: Win, Lose, or Draw?

Because many LTAR investigators do not attend ESA as their primary meeting, this discussion is not part of the ESA meeting and is available to all (whether or not they are registered for the ESA meeting). Note that you do have to preregister for this discussion to get the link (there’s no fee).

Related talks by LTER investigators:

3:00-3:30 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Symposium 16, LTER at 40: Insights and Opportunities. LTER Network

Related LTER talks (prerecorded):

Thursday, August 6

12:30 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Inspire Session 16, Innovations in Data Science Across Coordinated Research Networks.

Related LTER and EDI talks (prerecorded):

12:30 pm EDT. Live Q&A, The Data Help Desk: Sharing Data

2-3 pm EDT. Live Discussion Panel, Coping with the COVID pandemic: How has it impacted research, and what opportunities has it created? FCE, LNO

3-3:30 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Symposium 1, The Role of Networks in the Ecological Data Revolution: Successes, Opportunities, and Challenges of Integrating Cross-Network Data to Advance Ecological Science NEON, EDI, LTER.

Related talks (prerecorded):

3:30-4:00 pm EDT. Live Q&A for Inspire Session 1, Art and Science: Novel Collaborations to Propel Environmental Change Research

Related LTER talks (prerecorded):

Pre-recorded talks in contributed and organized oral sessions:

Also of interest: Emergent grand challenges from the 2019 NEON Science Summit. NEON

LTER and related online posters:

Greater than the sum of the parts: Collaboration in and beyond the U.S. LTER Network. LNO