The LTER monthly community call provides an opportunity to hold seminars, discussions, and learning opportunities of relevance to the broad LTER research community. These may include research seminars, discussions of emerging projects and methods, or the occasional organizational update.

LTER Community Calls are scheduled for every fourth Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (10 a.m. MT / 11 a.m. CT / Noon ET)

Upcoming Community Calls

February 28, 2024

Increasing Diversity in Fieldwork through Access Transparency 

Haley Branch, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University. Dr. Haley Branch (postdoctoral fellow in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University) will lead us through an NSF proposal she wrote to help promote fieldwork inclusivity for disabled researchers. Many disabled students do not consider a career in EEB because of the dominance of and emphasis that the field places on fieldwork. Additionally, there is little information available about accessible fieldwork options. Haley plans to help the LTER Network build a database that will provide students and researchers with information regarding the accessibility of the different LTER locations. This will include information about the site itself, available lodging, laboratory set up (if any), etc. The first aim is to survey the locations for current accessibility and the second is to suggest potential opportunities where access could be increased at various application levels.

March 27, 2024

LTER Community Call: Synthesis Skills for Early Career Researchers 

Group synthesis projects use and combine data from multiple sites, times, or approaches. They also build professional networks, expand your scientific perspective, and produce impactful science. But doing them well requires a particular combination of skills, including both technical and interpersonal skills. In the Fall of 2024, the LTER Network Office will begin offering a course for 27 LTER early career researchers that will include in-person and virtual components, a dozen instructional modules in key synthesis skills, and a small-group synthesis project. Join the March Community Call to learn about the course plan and opportunities to take part as a project science mentor or a participant.

March and Beyond: What would YOU like to hear about?

Past Community Calls

January 24, 2024

Meet the LTER Network

Our January call will be an orientation to the sites, science, and structure of the LTER Network as well as ways to connect with colleagues and get involved. It will be most appropriate for investigators, students, and staff who are new to the network, but all are welcome.

What makes a good community call topic?

  • Relevant across multiple roles (graduate students, investigators, information managers, project managers, educators, etc.)
  • Structured to invite feedback and inspire discussion among participants

Examples of potential topics:

  • Synthesis efforts (planned or results from)
  • Workshops on novel methods for data collection, analysis, communication, etc.
  • Approaches to broadening participation in LTER science and improving mentoring
  • Invitations to participate in analyses or distributed experiments
  • You tell us!