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How do we make field experiences more approachable for students new to research and our study sites? To support participation by students underrepresented in science, we must work to balance out differences in prior experience and situational knowledge and to bridge cultural differences in perceptions of field work and field stations. One feasible approach is to create a ‘pre-orientation site trailer’ that helps orient students, and potentially their families, to the realities of station life and field work associated with our programs.

In this 2-hour workshop we will work together to explore the contents and production of pre-orientation videos. This is a great opportunity for REU program and field site directors, mentors, and others involved in field-based education, research mentorship. and outreach to add to their skillset.

Workshop leaders will share inclusivity and field safety considerations (e.g. from Demery & Pipkin 2020) and DIY video creation guidance from The Virtual Field (OBFS) and LTER. The session will include time to discuss important content elements, a tool to support individualized planning, and guidance on how to elicit ideas and feedback from your site’s research community. We’ll engage with these elements in short work sessions via Zoom and Google. The workshop agenda prioritizes starter sessions and feedback opportunities to lower the barriers to getting production underway. The resources provided will remain available for use during ongoing production.

REGISTER NOW for this 2-hour workshop on April 21, 9am PDT/12pm EDT