DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2007

As the diverse nature of this issue illustrates, DataBits continues to be a platform for exchanging wide-ranging ideasand resources for strategically and practically improving the practice of scientific Information Management. This issue features an article on career development in the field of Information Management by Karen Baker, a longtime LTER Information Manager who also conducts… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2007

Welcome to the Spring 2007 issue of Databits! Twenty-two authors or coauthors submitted articles for this issue, which is a testament to the committment of Information Managers to sharing information. The articles represent the diversity of interests within the LTER IM community and highlight a number of current topics. Most notably, there is a discussion… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2006

This issue of Databits follows the September, 2006 LTER Information Managers’ Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado. The IM meeting was held in conjunction with the LTER All Scientists’ Meeting and included a number of Information Managers from around the world. In recent years, there has been an emphasis on establishing relationships among members of the… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2006

Welcome to a robust issue of the Spring 2006 DataBits’!!! We had many submittals this issue and the articles really show the diversity of this group. We hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did putting it together. As many of the LTER sites have EML documents being generated, the focus… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2005

After most of the LTER sites have produced their Ecological Metadata Language (EML) packages up to Level 3, the subject still occupies a main line in our agendas. Not only do we want to share our methods to achieve this task with other communities, but we want to study the lessons that have we learned… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2005

Table of Contents Following years of efforts in developing a Network Information System (NIS), LTER information managers report on two of its completed components: CLIMDB/HYDRODB and Network All-Site Bibliography. More recently, the LTER sites started the process of exporting their metadata databases into Ecological Metadata Language (EML), a “metadata specification developed by the ecology discipline… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2004

New information management tools for Interactive mapping, Data management, XML conversion,  Scientific workflows Data Harvesting. ClimDB and HydroDB go spatial with the formation of WatershedDB. News Bits. Good Reads. \DataBits is a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is designed to provide a timely, online resource for research information managers… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2004

John Porter talks about the latest regarding the National Environmental Observatory Network (NEON) program. Jonathan Walsh shares his experience at the Web Services Workshop (February 2-5, 2004). Karen Baker, Shaun Haber and Marshall White discuss the Postnuke Portal Software. DataBits continues as a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2003

Theresa Valentine and Don Henshaw discuss their approach to the marriage of tabular and spatial data at theAndrews LTER. Barrie Collins gives his take on ArcIMS, ESRI, and his management philosophy. We areexposed to adding internet spatial visualization to environmental projects when Peter McCartney discussesthree internet map applications produced by The Center for Environmental Studies,… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2003

Matt Jones explains the grid computing concept and describes a major new grid computing initiative for ecologists; Bill Michener fleshes out the context of that initiative with a sketch of SEEK, a wide-reaching grant for information technology in ecology. Peter Arzberger and others give us an insider’s look at an international grid computing effort for… Read more »