ILTER Nitrogen Initiative 2016 Update

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The ILTER Nitrogen Initiative had a very good year in 2016. Hideaki Shibata, who leads the Nitrogen Initiative for ILTER, provided the following update. The Initiative produced many interactive activities, an international training course, publications, and firmed up links to other programs. The leaders of the Initiative truly appreciate the engagement, cooperation, and contributions of… Read more »

Are We Making Selfish Microbes?

Some bacteria become less cooperative with their plant hosts under long-term nutrient additions, finds new research by Jen Lau, an ecologist at the Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) LTER, and her collaborator Katy Heath at the University of Illinois. “A decade ago, no one was thinking about the idea of rapid evolution—the kind you could see… Read more »

2016 AGU Abstracts

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From December 12-16, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) will hold its annual meeting. The LTER Network sites will be well represented with a total of 113 presentations and posters. LTER-related presentations have been organized below by day and time. Please excuse any omissions or misattributions. We will continue to add to and adjust this list up… Read more »

Global Perspectives Yield New Insight, Connections

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The first Open Science Meeting of the International LTER Network (ILTER) network gathered over 300 participants in Kruger National Park, South Africa to present their latest results, network, and explore next steps for the growing organization. The meeting, which took place from 9-13 October, 2016, offered a balanced mix of scientific talks, poster sessions, workshops,… Read more »

Antarctica Is Practically Defined by Ice. What Happens When It Melts?

Antarctica Is Practically Defined by Ice. What Happens When It Melts? For prepared observers, a single season of melting offers clues to the future of the southern continent. October 13, 2016—A single season of intense melting buffeted Antarctica in 2001-2002. It yielded changes that ranged from speeding up microbial food webs to shifting penguin populations…. Read more »

Questions from the RFP Webinar

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RFP Deadline: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 (1) This is the second RFP this year. How often will you have a call for proposals? From here forward, we plan to have an annual call for proposals. (2) Currently, we have an NSF grant funded for cross-site research. We would like to get the group together for… Read more »

Call for Working Group Proposals

To promote analysis and synthesis of LTER data, the NCO requests proposals for Synthesis Working Groups, with research to begin before May 2017. Funding is available for 2-4 projects of up to 2 years in duration. The Project Selection Committee is most interested in proposals anticipated to return high impact results in the five core… Read more »