2017.12.20 Executive Board Meeting notes

Discussion Items for December 20, 2017 Meeting Sexual Harassment Policies (10 minutes) Science Council 2018 (20 minutes) Date: May 15-18 at NTL Recruiting suggestions for program committee We discussed many possible changes to the structure of this meeting at this year’s science council. (bringing data , setting up working groups before the meeting, defining who… Read more »

2017.02.28 Executive Board Meeting Notes

Approved meeting notes from executive board meeting of February 28, 2017. Agenda topics incuded:

  • Science Council
  • Discussion about the nature of the network
  • LTER-NEON meeting
  • Committee Structure

2016.12.20 Executive Board Meeting Notes

Approved notes from LTER Executive Board meeting of December 20, 2016. 



  • Planning for NSF Site review discussion
  • Mini-symposium
  • Science Council
  • EDI update
  • Governance tasks that could move to NCO