Presentation: Life on Ever-Shrinking Sea Ice: A Penguin’s Perspective (Fraser)

Bill Fraser, Polar Oceans Research Group, Oregon State University, NSF Palmer Station, Antarctica LTER Site The Western Antarctic Peninsula is among the most rapidly warming regions on Earth. Mid-winter temperatures have increased, on average, by more than six degrees Celsius (10.8ºF) over the last six decades, resulting in melting of sea ice and changes in… Read more »

Presentation: Sustainability of Salt Marshes: Still a Realistic Goal? (Alber)

Merryl Alber, University of Georgia, NSF Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Site Intertidal marshes—lands between the tides—are ever-changing ecosystems. They’ve kept pace with changes in sea level over millennia, but today’s rate of sea-level rise and increasingly common droughts and storms pose new challenges. An influx of saltwater, for example, has the potential to change how… Read more »