Poster: Streams on Speed

Occurrence and Potential Biological Effects of Amphetamine on Stream Communities

Sylvia Lee, Alexis Borbon, Daniel Snow, Emma Rosi , John Kelly, and Erinn Richmond

Poster presented at NSF-LTER Symposium, March 21, 2017

Synthesis of stream ecosystem responses to nutrient enrichment at multiple trophic levels

The goals of this proposed LTER Synthesis Working Group are (1) to initiate and coordinate the integration of data from multiple sites on stream ecosystem responses to nutrient amendment, (2) to synthesize these data with a quantitative evaluation of functional responses at the microbial, primary producer, consumer and whole-stream levels, (3) to produce an NSF Research Coordination Network proposal that will expand data integration and synthesis efforts to members of the broader national and international stream ecology communities and (4) to promote interaction between LTER and the NEON expe