Request to compensate sites for time spent by Information Managers on network activities.

EML Diagnosis and Best Practice Implementation Mentor

Summary: Of the EML datasets being contributed to the LTER NIS, a significant fraction is not of sufficient quality for automated use, and a variety of approaches will be necessary to remedy this. The EML Congruence Checker (ECC) is being developed to report on dataset usability, but experience indicates that simply informing sites of dataset… Read more »

LTER Personnel Database Web Services Development

Allow site IMs to manage their personnel records through a single interface provided by LNO and then redisplay that content on their own websites by incorporating a web service call within a small web application designed to work at their own site. Allow site IMs to develop automated methods to populate or update their own… Read more »

Web Services Working Group (WSWG)- IM Buyout

A redesigned personnel database will be available for all sites and the LNO to use via a web service interface.  This interface may be used for the two distinct approaches currently in use by the LTER sites: Used directly by local site applications, or Used as a target for sites doing both read and write… Read more »

Coordination and Reports related to EML Congruency Checker

Current experience using Ecological Metadata Language (EML) datasets contributed to the LTER NIS indicates that a significant fraction is not of sufficient quality for automated use. I propose to spend one month (160 hours) over the course of 2011 on three tasks which will help sites contribute “PASTA-ready” EML datasets, and which communicate LTER activities… Read more »

Linking LTER sites via spatially explicit data: Creating a network-wide basemap and Interactive Cartographic Almanac

The LTER IM GIS working group is requesting funding for an IM buy-out for the completion and implementation of a LTER network basemap and Interactive Cartographic Almanac (ICA).  The GIS working group was asked by Robert Waide, LNO Executive Director, to develop a dynamic mapping tool for the creation of network-wide maps specifically for the… Read more »