Working group with a goal of advancing or coordinating network IM activities.

LTER Metabase Software-as-a-Service development

This proposal outlines a project to use the GCE Metabase Metadata Management System (MMS) as a foundation for developing a software-as-a-service solution that would serve the needs of LTER sites that are currently generating EML using dataset -instance-based tools such as Morpho and the needs of sites that need to rapidly ingest and upgrade their… Read more »

Data Management for LTER Ecologists Shortcourse

The course will cover aspects of the entire data life cycle. Best practices will be introduced including metadata content, data cleaning, database design, management of large data volumes and quality control. Best choices of technologies for various tasks will be discussed and supplemented with hands on exercises in using workflow engines, spreadsheets vs. databases, and… Read more »

Synthesis and Establishment of Guidelines Toward the Management of Next-Generation Sequence Data

Long-term ecological studies have expanded our view of microbial biology with the incorporation of long-term monitoring programs of diversity, plant and animal ecology, and decomposition processes in the context of global climate change. The full integration of meaningful cross-site ecological-genomic studies into LTER research will require either substantial new infrastructure or access to existing infrastructure… Read more »

An LTER Unit Registry: In Support of Data Integration

The goal of the Unit Working Group is development of an LTER Unit Registry and a Dictionary as a community resource package using a process that incorporates site engagement and development through use.