The 2020 Science Council Meeting is scheduled for the week of May 4-7, 2019 in Tempe, Arizona hosted by the Central Arizona-Phoenix LTER Site.

Meetings will be held primarily on campus, with field trips to various research locations. Lodging will be at the The Graduate, Tempe, where we have reserved a block of rooms. Invitations with information on booking and travel will go out as soon as we have participants identified from all sites.
The broad shape of the agenda is below so that you can begin planning your travel and identifying participants.  While last year’s meeting focused on cataloguing past findings and accomplishments, this year, we’d like to hear from sites about what excites them as we look to the future. We are asking each site to focus their 5-minute presentation on a new research direction — or a new way of looking at an old problem. This theme may also help identify your second meeting participant.

Participants for the 2020 Science Council Meeting

One Lead PI from each site should fill out the form below so that we establish who will be invited to attend. Once we know who is coming, the LTER Network Office will send an invitation with travel and meeting details.

Who attends:

  • 1 LTER Principal Investigator per site
  • 1 additional investigator per site (designated by the PI — may be a second PI, a topical expert, or someone in consideration for site leadership)
  • Members of the Executive Board, including:
    • the Executive Board Chair,
    • the Director and Executive Director of the LTER Network Office,
    • the Director of the Environmental Data Initiative, and
    • the Executive Board representative from each of the 3 “representative” committees: Information Management, Education/Outreach, and Diversity.
  • National Science Foundation Program Officers, when possible
In general, if a PI is a member of the Executive Board, the site does not receive an extra slot for both PI and executive board roles. If there’s a particular reason you need one, please let us know.

Block Schedule:

  • Sunday, May 3: Executive Board travel day. Fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor.
  • Monday, May 4: Executive Board meets. Exact times TBD. All other participants – travel day. Fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor.
  • Tuesday, May 5: Site lightning talks, business meeting, breakout group discussion
  • Wednesday, May 6:  field trip (morning) breakout groups continue (afternoon); group dinner (evening)
  • Thursday, May 7:  LTER Lead PI Meeting (morning). All others depart after breakfast. Lead PIs depart after lunch.

Tell Us Who is Coming

2020 Science Council

Site presentations and participants for the 2020 Science Council Meeting
  • Please choose your site.
  • Last year, we asked for you to focus lightning talks on key accomplishments of the past decade. This year, we'd like to know -- where are you going next? Pick a single project or research thrust that you are excited about and focus your lightning talk on that.
  • Science Council Attendees

    Please tell us who will be attending the Science Council meeting on behalf of your site. The LNO can provide travel and lodging for a maximum of 2 participants per site, with the exception of the Executive Board Chair and representatives from the information management, education-outreach, and diversity committees.
  • This can be a second PI, an investigator working on the focus topic for your talk, or an investigator with leadership potential who you would like to introduce to the meetings.
  • Optional Site-funded Participants

    Occasionally, sites want to invite an additional investigator for a variety of reasons. We can usually accommodate that with the understanding that travel, lodging and meals must be funded by the site.
  • If you would like to bring additional participant(s) on your own funding, please list names and email addresses (one per line) below.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.