Moshe Shachak
James R. Gosz
Steward T.A. Pickett
Avi Perevolotsky

Biodiversity in Drylands, the first internationally based synthesis volume in the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network Series, unifies the concepts of species and landscape diversity with respect to deserts. Within this framework, the book treats several emerging themes, among them:

  • How animal biodiversity can be supported in deserts
  • Diversity’s relation to habitat structure, environmental variability, and species interactions
  • The relation between spatial scale and diversity
  • How to use a landscape simulation model to understand diversity
  • Microbial contributions to biodiversity in deserts
  • Species diversity and ecosystem processes
  • Resource partitioning and biodiversity in fractal environments
  • Effects of grazing on biodiversity
  • Reconciliation ecology and the future of conservation management

In the face of global change, integration is crucial for dealing with the problem of sustaining biodiversity. This book promises to be a vital resource for students, researchers, and managers interested in integrative species, resource, and landscape diversities.

Number of pages: 368
Format: Hardback
Number of illustrations: 69
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Publication Date: 2003-12

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