Remaining Relevant: The Hubbard Brook Online Book

As ecological trends change with a changing climate, the Hubbard Brook Online Book will continue to reflect the most current understanding of the forest ecosystem whenever it is read.

Unlocking the Power of Public Engagement: An Innovative Approach to Enhancing Public Engagement with Science through the LTER Network

The APEAL project uses the LTER Network to study how research networks can improve public engagement strategies, offer insights from scientists and communities, and foster actionable plans to inspire change. By Cristina Mancilla, Community Engagement Officer at the LTER Network Office Often, the narrative around public engagement is one of vague commitments and good intentions,… Read more »

Data Analysts at the LTER boost working group productivity

The LTER Network Office hired two data analysts, Angel Chen and Nick Lyon, in 2021 to tackle short but critical wrangling tasks during working groups’ in-person meetings. Here’s how they’ve helped groups during the past year.

LTER Network Office Expands Support for Synthesis

Synthesis working groups rely heavily on in-person collaboration. Free-flowing debate on goals and methods carries over from afternoon workshops through shared dinners. There’s little substitute for the immediacy of cooking up an analytical approach, scripting it onsite, discussing results, and making revisions — all within a few hours. And the easy availability of technical, analytical… Read more »