The Executive Board of the LTER Science Council acts on behalf of the Science Council throughout the year.

The Executive Board is composed of the elected Chair of the Science Council, who serves as Chair of the Executive Board; nine Members selected by individual LTER sites on a rotating basis; the Executive Director of the NCO, the Director of EDI, a representative of LTER site Information Managers, a representative of the Education/Outreach Committee, and, as needed, a Chair-Elect, and Past-Chair. All members of the Executive Board  act on behalf of, and are accountable to, the membership of the LTER Network. Members serve as liaisons to LTER Network committees and perform other functions as delegated by the Chair.

The Executive Board has the following powers and responsibilities:

  • Authorize action on behalf of the LTER Network
  • Make rules or regulations for the management of the LTER Network
  • Create, evaluate, and dissolve committees
  • Select and remove committee chairs and representatives
  • Fill vacancies in, and change the membership of, such duly constituted committees
  • Develop and recommend changes to the bylaws
  • In consultation with the NCO and EDI, the Executive Board develops and updates the LTER Strategic and Implementation Plan for the Network