Discussion Items for December 20, 2017 Meeting

  • Sexual Harassment Policies (10 minutes)
  • Science Council 2018 (20 minutes)
    • Date: May 15-18 at NTL
    • Recruiting suggestions for program committee
    • We discussed many possible changes to the structure of this meeting at this year’s science council. (bringing data , setting up working groups before the meeting, defining who the “second” should be) Are there any that we want to try and implement?
  • Committee updates:
    • EDI
    • Information Management Committee
    • Education/Outreach Committee
    • NCO
  • Informational Updates
    • Synthesis Working group webinars (1 minute)
    • International DCL submitted, link to final document (1 minute)
    • Web site review (1 minute)

If time:
Is the Network open to considering affiliate (non-NSF-funded) sites? (15 minutes)