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We are seeking applicants for a Ph.D. research assistantship in the biogeochemistry of forested ecosystems.  Research will focus on the fate and transport of weathering products across spatial gradients within watersheds.  Project goals include characterizing dynamic solute fluxes that will help us understand how ecosystems respond to and recover from different global change drivers.

The project is based at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (www.hubbardbrook.org) in New Hampshire, is funded by the National Science Foundation, and provides opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary team of geologists, soil scientists, and hydrologists from multiple universities and the USDA Forest Service. The project will combine field and laboratory analysis, with an expectation of some extended visits to the field site throughout the duration of the study.

The incoming student will join the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation (www.frec.vt.edu) at Virginia Tech; however, may also participate in interdisciplinary communities at Virginia Tech, such as those in Cross-boundary Biogeosciences (www.biogeo.centers.vt.edu) and the Global Change Center (www.globalchange.vt.edu).  The student would be encouraged to join Virginia Tech’s Interfaces of Global Change graduate fellowship program (www.globalchange.vt.edu/igc/).

Research assistantships provide competitive annual stipends and benefits, including a full tuition waiver. In addition, students are provided with opportunities to develop meaningful teaching and mentoring experience.

Interested students should contact:

Dr. Kevin McGuire
Virginia Water Resources Research Center &
Dept. of Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation
540-231-6017; kevin.mcguire@vt.edu

Dr. Brian Strahm
Dept. of Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation
540-231-8627; brian.strahm@vt.edu

This position will remain open until filled.