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Gradient of Soil Fertilization Helps Tundra Shrubs Expand Across the Arctic

Scientists at the Arctic LTER find that different points along a gradient of soil fertility aid ectomycorrhizal and ericaceous tundra shrubs. Their findings hint at the potential for those two types of shrubs to co-expand over the Arctic—a previously unconsidered scenario that could have vast implications for the future of the northern tundra

Postdoc in Agroecology | UMN

The University of Michigan’s Soil and Agroecosystems Laboratory in the School for Environment and Sustainability is searching for a candidate for a three year postdoctoral research position.

Full-time plant and ecosystem ecology research associate | NAU

The Associate will become an integral member of the Plant and Ecosystem Ecology Research (PEER) lab, an inclusive, whimsical, productive, and enthusiastic group of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students led by Regents Professor Michelle Mack and Assistant Professor Xanthe Walker.

Lab Technician positions at the VCR and PAL LTER sites

The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia (UVA) seeks applications for two Lab Specialists to contribute to computational research on ocean and atmosphere biogeochemistry using data analysis, remote sensing, and numerical modeling techniques. The candidates will work directly with Professor Scott Doney in the Department of Environmental Sciences.