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Data Management at Biological Field Stations

This report presents the results of deliberations at a workshop held in May 1982 at Kellogg Biological Stataion to address what is perceived as a general problem of omission at field research site–that of data management. Data management has not had a very high priority at most established field research stations and only recently has there been a coordinated effort to develop data management systems among sites identified in the NSF-supported Long Term Ecological Research network.

1979 Report on Long-Term Ecological Research Concept and Measurement Needs

Long-term Ecological Research Concept Statement and Measurement Needs Summary of a Workshop at the Institute of Ecology, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 25-27, 1979. Prepared for: National Science Foundation Directorate for Biological, Behavioral and Social Sciences Division of Environmental Biology, Biological Research Resources Program

1977 Long Term Ecological Measurements Conference Report

A group of scientists representing many areas of ecology met March 16-18, 1977 to discuss fundamental issues concerning long-term ecological measurements. The report of this conference is divided into two parts: (1) a summary statement from the entire co nference; and (2) specific recommendations regarding terrestrial freshwater and marine ecosystems, prepared by different sections of the conference.