Join us this summer for a two-part webinar series specifically designed for REU students! Remember to register to attend below.

Introduction to the LTER Network

July 12, 2022, 4-5 pm PT / 7-8 pm ET

With 28 sites, dozens of institutions, and thousands of researchers, the LTER Network is incredible—but becoming familiar with the network is a daunting task, especially for undergraduates. This webinar provides an overview of the LTER Network specifically with REU students in mind. Learn about the sites, tools to connect with researchers, where to find more information on the web, and more. Presented by Dr. Sarah Hobbie of the Minneapolis-St. Paul LTER and the REU coordination working group.

Communicating Your Science

August 9, 2022. 4-5 pm PT / 7-8 pm ET

An REU experience can be so rich it’s hard to put into words. Yet REU students are constantly asked to describe their research at conferences or from family and friends and colleagues. Dial in your elevator pitch with this workshop, which covers communicating REU research in both informal and formal settings. 

Meanwhile, see what REUs and mentors had to say about getting involved in LTER research in this video from the 2018 All Scientists’ Meeting.