Undergraduates lead school tours of the REEF, Credit: SBC-LTER

The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Education Program is an NSF funded, nonprofit, collaborative organization dedicated to best practices and leading advancements in the training, teaching, and learning about the Earth’s ecosystems. Because LTER sites are able to maintain a persistent presence in the community over many years, researchers and education specialist are able to develop long-lasting relationships with local and regional educators and their students. Working in partnership with teachers and university faculty, they develop science curriculum materials that draw on the sites’ extensive data resources, provide immersive research experiences for teachers and undergraduate students, and give many curious young minds their first chance to poke around in nature and start finding their own answers.

Schoolyard LTER links

Katerina Potesta assists with planting native species at the CEMEX Florida East Coast Quarry Wetland Reclamation project

K-12 students collect plant growth data.HAS_LTER

Middle school students prepare to plant native species with GK-12 graduate student Alycia Reynolds Lackey. KBS_LTER. Photo Credit: T.Getty, Michigan State University