A User’s Guide to the LTERHub

Image of the LTERHub homepage with topics highlighted

The LTER Network has launched a new community platform, dubbed the LTERHub, to allow LTER participants to seek out colleagues with common interests and share information, questions, updates , and resources. The LTERHub will also be the home base for LTER committees and discussion groups going forward. Most active LTER participants have received invitations and… Read more »

Registration open for June NSF NEON Workshop


Registration is now open for an upcoming NSF NEON Workshop titled ‘Complex Landscapes at Scale: Integrating our Understanding of Managed and Unmanaged Lands at Regional to Continental Scales.’ Growing societal pressure for agriculture that is both productive and environmentally responsive creates opportunities to design crop and rangeland systems that better integrate with their wildland counterparts…. Read more »

LTER at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2020

Like everything else in 2020, the Fall Meeting of the America Geophysical Union (AGU) will be different this year. Talks, posters, town halls, lectures, exhibits and mixers will all be available online and the meeting timeline has been extended to encompass nearly three weeks in early December. Running from December 1-17, the 2020 meeting offers… Read more »

LTER Network News | October 2020

We love seeing the creative art and science collaborations inspired by LTER sites. This month we spotted two artistic interpretations of LTER forest sites featured on Twitter. Keep the tweets coming and be sure to tag @USLTER.

Training Opportunity: Bystander Intervention

Have you ever witnessed harassment or hostile behavior but felt at a loss about how to interrupt or intervene? Field research—especially in remote locations—can create unique vulnerabilities. Join your LTER colleagues for an interactive training on safe and effective approaches to intervention.  Improving workplace climate: empowering individuals to become active bystanders This interactive session describes... Read more »

LTER Network News | August 2020

We love welcoming new people and projects to our LTER sites, and are extra excited when we folks share about it on Twitter. Keep those Tweets coming and tag us at @USLTER so we don’t miss any!

To go or not to go (in the field)?

SCUBA diver examines kelp

Many ecologists are now faced with a choice: continue field measurements and manipulations or halt them voluntarily and accept the cost to their science and sometimes their budgets. the LTER Network Office offers some considerations for those faced with this difficult decision.

What makes a network work? Collaboration in the LTER Network

network analysis, based on site age, ecosystem type, number of shared publications and network centrality

A recent analysis of collaboration in the LTER Network reveals that LTER-related publications involve more collaborators, more institutions, persist for longer, and cover greater distances than other publications in the field of ecology.