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Like everything else in 2020, the Fall Meeting of the America Geophysical Union (AGU) will be different this year. Talks, posters, town halls, lectures, exhibits and mixers will all be available online and the meeting timeline has been extended to encompass nearly three weeks in early December. Running from December 1-17, the 2020 meeting offers more opportunities than ever to find and connect with colleagues.

As we do each year, the LTER Network Office has scoured the abstracts for talks and posters associated with LTER research. The list below includes talks that listed LTER or Long Term Ecological Research in their titles, abstracts, or author profiles. If we didn’t find your talk, please tell us about it by completing this form and we’ll add it to the list.

2020 AGU Presentations and Posters

wdt_ID Site/Program Title Presentation-type Day/Time Location
47 NES Linking pelagic community structure and production regimes: Exploring interannual variability at the Northeast U.S. Shelf Long-Term Ecological Research (NES-LTER) site Poster 12.14.20 04:00 AM Virtual
48 BLE Building a Culture of Respect and Inclusivity at the Beaufort Lagoon Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research Program Poster 12.10.20 04:00 AM Virtual
49 LTER Going beyond the spreadsheet - developing Best Practices in ‘long-tail’ environmental data curation and publishing Virtual Presentation 12.09.20 04:28 AM Virtual
50 BNZ Insights Into Fire-based Soil Temperature and Moisture Changes From a Long-term Data Set in Alaska Poster 12.08.20 04:00 AM Virtual
51 BNZ A Half-century Perspective of Climate-induced Forest Change from Reference Stands at Bonanza Creek LTER Virtual Presentation 12.15.20 07:20 AM Virtual
52 CDR, KBS, KNZ, CAP, JRN, SEV, ARC, MCM A multi-site synthesis of impacts of multi-year extreme events on dryland ecosystem resilience Poster 12.10.20 04:00 AM Virtual
53 ARC Shining light on Arctic river biogeochemical dynamics: Using in-situ high-frequency optical sensors to constrain carbon and nitrogen exports and stoichiometry in two headwaters Virtual Presentation 12.09.20 04:16 AM Virtual
54 LUQ Rapid Reduction Leads to Changes in Iron Oxide Crystallinity in Humid Tropical Soils Poster 12.14.20 04:00 AM Virtual
55 LUQ Radiocarbon signatures across three decades reveal changing Soil Organic Carbon turnover times in a hurricane-impacted tropical forest Virtual Presentation 12.15.20 04:16 PM Virtual
56 MCM The Diatoms Abide: Diatom Community Composition Responses to Changing Streamflow in Microbial Mats in Glacial Meltwater Streams in Antarctica Poster 12.16.20 04:00 AM Virtual
Site/Program Title Presentation-type Day/Time Location