Spare a thought for the roots

Nutrient addition increases aboveground plant growth more than it increases belowground plant growth, suggesting that the two are not linked. 

Data Analysts at the LTER boost working group productivity

The LTER Network Office hired two data analysts, Angel Chen and Nick Lyon, in 2021 to tackle short but critical wrangling tasks during working groups’ in-person meetings. Here’s how they’ve helped groups during the past year.

Forest understory biodiversity and climate change

Researchers examining understory plants

Pacific Northwest forests contain some of the largest reserves of forests on the planet, but many questions remain unanswered about how drought and heat stress from climate change will change forest dynamics and biodiversity. RETs on this project will track understory plant populations and quantify interactions among the many important and diverse plant species in these understory ecosystems.

Do fish graze the way for coral recovery?

Fish clear space for corals to grow in small scale experiments. But does fish grazing cause reefs to recover faster? A new study says no.

A Forest of Sensors

The Andrews Forest has produced cutting-edge research for decades. Moving forward, they look to the treetops to understand the forest.