Minutes of the Executive Board Video Teleconference January 23, 2007 11:00-1:00 pm EST –


  1. NEON Funding at LTER Sites
  2. MOU with Forest Service Renewal
  3. Report on Committee Letters (Brunt/Magnuson) Discussion on IM/Tech/GIS/RS/Climate committees (Brunt/Henshaw)
  4. Brief report on Post ASM workshops status (Brunt)
  5. Report on ISSE/planning grant (Magnuson/Collins)
  6. LNO Survey Revision/Decision (Hopkinson/Groffman) Do we send the old survey this year?
  7. Discussion of LTER strategic analysis compilation (Waide)
  8. 11:00 AM CST Discussion of March 7-9, 2007 meeting @ NSF