Minutes of the LTER Executive Board Meeting, Arlington, VA, March 7-9 2007 discussions included 1. Introductions and attendees (Waide). Attendees included all members of the Executive Board (except Phil Robertson, Morgan Grove, and Berry Lyons) as well as Henry Gholz, Phil Taylor, Penny Firth, and Alan Tessier from NSF and Peter Arzberger from the LTER National Advisory Board. 2. Announcements. 3. ISSE update (Scott Collins) 4. Conversations with Henry Gholz, Penny Firth, and Phil Taylor (Waide) 5. Discuss what we report to the National Advisory Board on the 8th in the afternoon. (Magnuson & Collins) 6. Strategic planning items not in the ISSE or planning grant (Waide) 7. Governance of the LTER planning grant (delayed discussion). 8. LNO Survey. (Groffman and Hopkinson) 9. Plan the May Science Council Meeting (Robertson and Magnuson) 10. Conversations with NSF persons about NEON and OOI – Liz Blood and Phil Taylor (Johnson) 11. Discussions of NEON (Johnson) 12. Athens Meeting Agenda (Robertson) 13. Revisions of bylaws (Magnuson) 14. Cyber Infrastructure Survey (Henshaw information item) 15. Cyberinfrastructure (CI) planning grant and strategic plan 16. Trends (Peters) 17. IM, GIS, Remote Sensing, Technology, Climate. (Henshaw) Included with the minutes are presentations on the Organization of the LTER and Cyberinfrastructure Planning within the LTER Network Planning Grant