People of all ages and levels of science knowledge can participate and learn from informal science education activities. LTER sites host a variety of informal education resources such as, nature trails, field investigations, site tours and citizen science projects all of which have a goal of increasing the public knowledge and appreciation of the ecological world around them.

At the annual field day, HJA Day, attendees go into the forest to learn from researchers, managers, and artists. Photo by Lina DiGregorio.

Site tours for example welcome visitors to LTER sites and offer a variety of ways to learn about ecological research including both self guided and guided tours.

Guided tours may include student groups, university classes, visiting scientists or other interested professionals and will learn more about long term ecological research and its relevance. Through the tour visitors will learn about the effort invested in developing, designing and implementing research that may encompass challenging environmental conditions and diverse biota. Self guided tours allow visitors to engage with nature at their own pace and learn about the ecological research of the site from trail guides and informational placards